If you had a package from your future and the label says “Trials and Tribulations“ on the package would you open it even if the blessing was inside?Anthony takes you along his journey. Giving you insight on the obstacles that he has had to overcome. Growing up in a unforgiving streets of Nashville,TN it’s easy to become a statistic. Seeing drug dealers on every corner and hearing shots ring through the night. Anthony persevered through his struggles. He is the first male in his family to graduate college and to play college football. Now, he is on pursuit in his career to play professional football. Through Anthony’s testimony he teaches you multiple lessons, such as, how to create a new life opportunity for yourself, and how to to live a life with no regrets. Are you ready to have the life you deserve? When life gets tough hold on tight it will be worth it at the end! Message from Author: “Birds of a feather flock together.” Continue to bring people in your life who add value. Never make an excuse and you will reap what you sow.

Faith On Trial


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